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The Cocker Spaniel: A popular pet with a jovial disposition

A dog that is very popular as a family pet and a child’s playmate, the Cocker Spaniel has a fascinating history. It has its beginnings in Spain, but it was developed in England along with its cousins that include the Clumber, Springer, Sussex, Field and the toy spaniels. They were originally bred as hunting dogs and categorized according to size. It was therefore not uncommon for different types of spaniels to come from the same litter. The smaller ones were the Cockers and toys – Cockers were kept for hunting while the toy spaniels were bred as ladies’ companions. Since the Cockers were crouchers, they were mainly used to hunt woodcock.

The Cocker Spaniel is a beautiful dog that is amenable and cheerful, making him a joy to have at home. He is happiest when he is pleasing you, and is as happy to nuzzle on the couch with adults as to rollick in the yard with the children.{ Read More! }


Getting Rid of Fleas on your Cocker Spaniels

Flea collar for dogs is essential for ensuring total eradication of fleas from your Cocker Spaniels dog. Fleas are a serious threat to your dog’s general health, and can even pose a health risk to humans. For your Cocker Spaniel, the effects of fleas can even be worse off if necessary measures to get rid of them are not sought early enough. Getting rid of fleas on your dog is more than just killing the fleas. It involves active and ongoing flea prevention mechanism to attack all the stages in the life cycle of dog fleas. These stages include eggs, larvae and pupae. They develop at a fast rate and hatch into adult dog fleas within a short period of time. Attacking fully grown adult dog fleas without focusing on these stages will not get rid of fleas on your cocker spaniels.

There are different options available for flea treatment and prevention, ranging from tropical ointments to oral medications. However, flea collars are highly recommended for all dog owners, most essential for your Cocker Spaniel which is highly vulnerable to flea infestation. Here are the types of flea collars and how they function to prevent flea infestation on your dog.

Cocker Spaniels

Types of Flea Collars

Flea Collars are available in two types.

The first type works by emitting a potentially toxic gas to fleas such that when inhaled by the fleas, they get intoxicated and die off. However, it is limited to an extent that it can only kill fleas in the close vicinity, while those on body area like the tail can survive. It can best be used inside a vacuum bag to kill all fleas you suck up as you clean your dog.

The other collar variety is a medication that works by getting absorbed into the fat layer under the skin of your cocker spaniels. When the flea bites, it gets poisoned. This collar type is more effective at preventing flea infestation on your dog.

While both of the above flea collars are equally important in preventing the spread of fleas on your Cocker spaniels, the following ideal feature is worth considering whenever you are looking for the best flea collar.

What to Consider while buying the Flea Collar for your Dog.

The flea collar should have an appropriate size that fits your cocker spaniel. This prevents your dog from reaching down and gnawing on her flea collar. If she gnaws and ingests the toxins inside, it can cause dangers to her health. The main purpose of flea collars is to safeguard your dog’s skin and not the digestive system. Therefore, an ideal flea collar for your dog should not be too big. It should be sizable. Neither should it be too small to irritate her skin around the neck.

Why Flea Collar for your Cocker Spaniel?

Use of flea collars is the most preferable way of getting rid of dog fleas due to their relatively long-term service. Compared to most tropical medications, use of flea collars is more convenient, if necessary instructions and precautions are taken into consideration. For instance, you should apply the ointment at a regular interval of thirty days. Similarly, you should not use the collar longer than the required duration as advised by the manufacturer. If this is not considered, you may not realize its convenience and effectiveness.

In a nutshell, use of flea collars for prevention of fleas on your dog is one of the safest and most effective ways you can adopt as the owner of cocker spaniel. Whether the risk of flea infestation by your dog is high or low, it is essential to use this method that leads to complete eradication of fleas from the body of your beloved companion and best friend, cocker spaniel. Simply consider the right size and your dog will be assured of total comfort and a pest free life.